Friday, January 15, 2010


I was travelling to a client site, a client I had never actually met before and of course I wanted to put my best foot forward and look snappy. I grabbed the L’Oréal Double Extend Beauty Tubes mascara to toss into my zip lock baggie of travel sized items, and hit the road. This particular product states that it can lengthen your lashes up to 80%. 80%, that’s quite a claim. In fact 80% more length in some cases could just be frightening, but since the average length of an adult female eyelash is 9-11mm I guess 80% isn’t really that terrifying. Nonetheless, since I have average length, relatively light lashes, I thought that using the product would be relatively safe in a business environment and would not make me look like a tricked out drag queen.

I woke in my hotel room the following morning, and grabbed the tube of Double Extend Beauty Tubes. Now I am not a good make-up applier. In fact my entire itinerary of makeup application techniques most often revolves around an unusually old mascara and an equally old lipstick. No one ever taught me how to apply makeup so I just defaulted to what seemed easiest and least likely to look ridiculous. I did read Kevyn Aucoin’s books and even experimented with his techniques, but the level of commitment required to look that good was just far too extensive for my taste and timeframe. So I took the easy way out and stuck with single application mascaras and lipsticks that made my lips look awesome using tricks other than just color. So imagine my shock and awe when I discovered that Beauty Tube application was a 3-step process. That was just not right. But then I looked closer and realized that it was really only a 2-step process with a step thrown in for removal.

Step 1: Nourish and prepare lashes for tubes
Step 2: Tubes extend lashes
Step 3: Smudge-free removal with warm water
I have seen a lot of products and never before have seen the removal of a product as a definable portion of the actual steps of use of the product but I was willing to overlook that oddity. Of course this comment does not apply to products specifically designed to remove something such as Goof-Off or turpentine.

With some amount of trepidation I began my application process. Two steps is a lot for me. But I did as I was told and nourished my lashes to prepare them for the tubes. I noticed then that the nourishing Step 1 product was white.

I suppose the first step would have to vary in color from the second step of actual Tube-Application, otherwise who could tell it wasn’t the same product being applied twice? Then I applied the tubes. They didn’t really look like tubes going on, and they didn’t really look like tubes after they dried, but I suppose all things considered my lashes still looked pretty good. I stood in front of the mirror blinking and I think I even turned sideways to try to see if my lashes really were 80% longer. I know, it’s a flawed test, but it was early and I’d only had one cup of coffee.

So off I went to meet the new client being led by my stupendous 80% longer lashes. I don’t know exactly what I expected, but with an additional 80% length I was sure expecting at least some reaction. I mean let’s consider for a moment how we would react to 80% more length of some other familiar objects. Ok, on second thought, let’s not.

The day went on as usual with a new client. I worked and then when I was done working, I went back to my hotel room and began removing the work related items from my body, all the while wondering why no one commented on my long, luxurious lashes. I mean aren’t people supposed to notice those things? They always do in the ads. No heads whipped around as I was walking down the hall, no one fell madly in love with me and I was completely unable to convince anyone to do anything for me just by the presence of my lashes. Not that I was particularly looking for any of those reactions, but still it’s the principle of it. I have feelings you know.

But then, there I was washing my face when I looked down on the wash cloth and there they were. Little squiggles. I had to look again to make certain I saw what I thought I was seeing, but low and behold, I had finally seen the tubes. Perhaps the easiest mascara removal process ever. No rubbing, no separate product needed, no raccoon eyes, no nothing. Just warm water and a washcloth and off they came. I was astounded, thrilled and 100% sold (20% more than they promised me). If this is what Beauty Tubes are about I’m all in. The whole 80% longer lashes thing, I’m not convinced, but the removal, well that made it all worth while.

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